Delivery Information

Q: Who do you ship with?
A:The shipping carrier is usually specific to the location of the customer, but for most countries you chose what mail carrier you prefer! Most customers in the United States prefer to use UPS. Customers in the United States still have the option to use Canada Post (which is then handed over to USPS once into the US) as well. Our Canadian and international customers have their orders shipped via Canada Post. When selecting your shipping option, make sure to take note of the estimated delivery times to ensure you select the shipping option which will get your order into your hands by the time you need it.

Q: How much does shipping cost?
A: Shipping varies depending on the shipping service you select as well as the package weight and dimension. For orders that are not time sensitive, check out some of Canada Post's economy shipping options (sometimes we can ship your order as low as 8$!)

Q: Where do you ship to?
A: We ship worldwide.

Q: How long does it take to receive my order?
A: That depends on what shipping service you selected with your order. Be sure to note the estimated delivery times for each shipping option during checkout.

Q: How are the parts packaged?
A: All parts shipped are encased in an anti-static sleeve to protect the part. The remainder of the box is filled with cushioning material to help keep your order safe during shipping.

Q: Can I track my package?
A: Yes. Once your packaged is shipped you will be e-mailed a tracking number. Orders shipped via Canada Post small packet air or ground do not include tracking numbers.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions about my order?
A: Feel free to drop us a line by using our contact button on the top of this page.

Q: How long does it take before my order is shipped?
A: If your order is made between the hours of 8-4pm (eastern) time Mon-Fri, your package is usually shipped within a few hours!